The Lodge is a true showplace with a 40-foot ceiling and thick walls of native cut stone with faded red planking from a Hill Country barn. Features include a massive stone fireplace, a turn-of-the-century wood bar, and chandeliers crafted from wagon wheels.

The Chuckwagon

The heart of the ranch, the Chuckwagon, is comprised of the restaurant, banquet room, offices, three half baths and a commercial kitchen.


Available lodging for guests includes four old log and frame cabins with historical intricacies such as Kerr County’s first schoolhouse, an 1850’s stagecoach stop and the first post office from Boerne, along with separate rooms and  suites throughout the headquarters.

The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater is one of the newer additions to the ranch’s list of available entertaining venues. Able to accommodate many guests, the Amphitheater is the perfect location for concerts, conventions, and outdoor gatherings.

Wildlife Conservation and Tours

The introduction of exotic wildlife to the ranch occurred in the 1950s when Charles Schreiner III decided to bring herds of deer, sheep, and antelope to live at the ranch. Today, some herds of exotic animals outnumber those found in their native countries.

Want to see over 60 species of exotic wildlife including giraffes and zebras? Want to witness herds of blackbuck antelope and aoudad sheep roaming the hilly grasslands of the Texas Hill Country? You’ll want to catch one of the daily wildlife tours. See “Africa in Texas” up-close and personal.

If you’ve dreamed of roaming the savannahs of Africa but haven’t been able to travel that great distance, visiting the ranch with your camera is one way to experience the excitement of seeing big game in a domestic setting.

Vacation on the Ranch

Want to bring the family away from the urban sprawl for the summer vacation? Have you ever stayed on a ranch? The ranch has room for families traveling in RVs and plenty of camping sites for tents. If you want to experience the authenticity of living in an 1880s style cabin, the ranch makes it easy to experience the rustic feel of a true working ranch with a few luxuries like a hot tub and swimming pool.