Wobbler Wagon

Are you ready to take your clay shooting to new heights? Join us at YO Ranch Headquarters, where we've taken this thrilling sport to a whole new level! Perched atop a high point on our picturesque ranch, our "Wobbler Wagon" offers an unforgettable experience for beginners and experienced shooters alike.

.50 cal Shooting

The .50 cal is arguably the biggest and the scariest semi-automatic gun in the world! This infamous gun has been featured in hundreds of movies and is feared by terrorists everywhere. A .50 cal round is over 5 inches long and is about nine times more powerful than a .223!

Weight 29.7 lbs

Effective Firing Range 1,969 yards

PriceFree with any hunting package! (two shots)

This gun may be purpose-built to destroy scud missiles, vehicles, and other hardened targets. However, it is also frequently used as an extreme long-range anti-personnel sniper rifle. In 2009, an Australian sniper using the .50 Cal took the world record for the longest confirmed kill at over 1.84 miles!

50 BMG, also known as 50 Browning Machine Gun, is a cartridge produced for the Browning .50 caliber machine gun during the 1910s. It is also referred to as the M2 machine gun. The .50 BMG cartridge is commonly used in long-range target shooting with .50 caliber machine guns and select rifles.

When was 50 BMG Invented?
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What was the 50 BMG Intended For?
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Does the US military use 50 BMG?
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What is the 50 Caliber Capable Of?
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The Capability of a Polymer Cased 50 Caliber

A polymer-cased .50 BMG round fired by a 50 caliber machine gun has the capability to punch through an armored limousine, take down helicopters hovering, and inflame fuel tanks from a long distance of about 10 football fields.

From a tactical standpoint, the 50 caliber is a great solution for discretely engaging with the target from a safe distance. These capabilities are able extremely beneficial for the US Military. A 50-caliber cartridge and machine gun are accurate at ranges of a minimum of 1,000 yards. Read more about the capabilities of the 50 calibers in our blog “Overview of .50 BMG: What is 50 BMG ammo?”.

Benefits of 50 Caliber Ammunition

50 Caliber Ammunition is Available on U.S. Civilian Market

Massive Power

Extended Range

Long Range Accuracy

Archery Target Practice: FREE Guided Archery (Coming Soon)

The Y.O. Ranch Headquarters Archery is an activity all ages can enjoy! We are not professional instructors by any means, but we are more than capable of teaching the basics. We have compound bows, recurve bows, wooden longbows, and crossbows of all difficulty levels available.

You do not have to a be a hunter to enjoy archery and to hit a bullseye! However, we are a hunting ranch and you are more than welcome to put your newfound skills to the test.

Archery is a great activity for kids, too! Let’s face it. If you have kids, they probably saw the Hunger Games. They will be thrilled to learn more about the sport with a bow in their hands and the movie in their heads. Let them feel like heroes while learning in a safe and controlled environment.

Join Us

On-Site Archery Instructor

Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Groups


Casual and Fun

All Ages 5 and over

Riflery – Shooting Range (long & short)

The Y.O. Ranch Headquarters is home to several different professional shooting ranges. A great place for law enforcement training or competitive shooting competitions. Call us for more information.