Herd of Springbok

Ranch History and Wildlife Tour

Enjoy the rich history and beautiful animals here at Y.O. Ranch Headquarters through our Ranch History and Wildlife Tour. You will learn how the ranch came to be what it is now, along with seeing some of the animals we have on the property.

The Y.O. Ranch Headquarters has giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, ostriches, water buffalos, springboks, elands, addax antelopes, sables, watusis, kudus, scimitar oryx, and dozens of other species! We have over 12,000 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country with thousands of free-ranging wildlife. Our guides are extremely friendly and will work with you to get you that once-in-a-lifetime photo that you have been searching for!

Ranch History Tour

The Y.O. Ranch Headquarters is a historical gem located in the Texas Hill Country. With a rich history of accumulating native and exotic species, including the Texas Longhorn, the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters is a perfect destination to bring the family, host corporate retreats, and more.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Tours

What do you get when you combine the skills of mountain biking, the fun of a motorcycle, and the stunning beauty of Texas’ expansive landscape? It’s Fat Tire Electric Bike touring.

Powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries, these e-bikes quietly scoot over trails, so you can observe elk and other wildlife as you ride. Pick up your speed and tackle rugged terrain at up to 20 miles per hour without pedaling. Their 26-inch fat tires provide excellent stability and a smooth ride through mile-after-mile of scenic wilderness at the cost of $50 for a 1-hour ride.

2 women riding electric off-road bikes

Bike Rental Rates

$50/per Hour

Backcountry UTV Rentals

Head off-property and into the wild on a Ranch Backcountry Tour. Ride along in a UTV with our guide or hop in the driver’s seat with up to three passengers. On the Backcountry Tour you’ll travel back in time as you explore the buildings, scenery, and fixtures of an era long faded into history.

You’ll scale hills and power brush through two 6-mile trails to see our wildlife up close. The backdrop is gorgeous, the pace is moderate, and the exhilaration is unforgettable. The Headquarters offer a variety of Hill Country UTV adventures for you to choose from. Warning: UTV riding can be habit-forming. If you try one adventure, you’ll undoubtedly sign up for more.

Tour Rates

Two seaters and four seaters available. Driver: 18+ Passenger: 16+

$150/per vehicle 1-hour rental